Pharmaceutical Laboratories of MESODERM (Spain) have combined scientific achievements with underlying principles of classical medicine and thoroughly selected sources of raw materials to produce highly efficient proven products.

Manufacturing plants having more than 5,000 square meters area adopt the breakthrough technologies which allow meeting exacting GMP standards and requirements of pharmaceutical and food industry ensuring production of the premium quality.

Development, probation, improvement of product formulae is put into practice by a team of highly qualified professionals. Doctors, biologists, chemists, pharmaceutists strictly control all production processes at every stage which being integrated with the state-of-the-art equipment ensures the top quality products.



MESODERM develops and steers its activities in step with changing needs of the pharmaceutical market and offers a wide range of services and products both for medicine and cosmetology. The company keeps up continual development of new products, improvement of existing formulae and products, development of food supplements and cosmetics.


This department researches possibilities and potential of new raw materials and active substances in it s strive to get the most efficient products. On all stages of development, starting from formulae elaboration, the products and raw materials are tested and strictly inspected before the mass production is approved.

A microbiological laboratory, one of the Department’s subdivisions, ensures quality control of samples and finished products. A physicochemical laboratory analyses raw materials, test samples and finished products using cutting-edge technologies. Research, Development and Quality Control

Departments are closely interconnected and work in collaboration which ensures complying with laws and all strict regulations for pharmaceutical production.

Having close cooperation with customers, leading clinics and institutions, MESODERM precisely determines the most-coveted products covering demands in medicine, cosmetology and aesthetics. Rapidly adapting to changing needs and striving to fulfill all requirements to the maximum, MESODERM offers out of the ordinary solutions.



The ongoing researches and production capacities of the company make it possible to produce a wide array of choices: medical supplies, food supplements, cosmetics, aesthetic products.

One of directions for an intensive development of the company is creation and manufacturing of aesthetic products, ready-to-use cocktails for mesotherapy. The mesotherapy product line includes ready-to-use allopathic cocktails for aesthetic and aging changes correction both for face and body skin.

Optimal percentage concentration of active components provides maximum possible results with minimum side effects. Correcting schemes for various aesthetic defects, developed in close cooperation with leading specialists from Spain and other European countries, allow selecting the most appropriate treatment course for clients of all age groups.


  • Pharmaceutical standard of production

  • Raw materials of premium quality

  • Strict quality control at all production stages

  • Clinically proven high efficacy

  • Constantly increasing product range

  • High marketability of products