Mesotherapy is an intradermal method of injection of various medications (allopathic, homeopathic) in low doses in order to achieve therapeutic effect by both the medication injected and stimulation of reflexogenous areas and points.

During medication intradermal injection a depot is formed in skin which exposures skin and a target organ via receptor complex activation.

Medications Injection


Manual techniques

  • Nappage – mesotherapy superficial technique. 2/3 of a needle bevel is inserted tangentially to skin. During this procedure some portion of medication gets into epidermis, and some portion appears on skin surface as small drops.
  • Micropapules. Medication is injected to a depth of 1.5 – 2 mm; spacing among injections is ~10mm.
  • Linear technique 12-13mm needle is inserted tangentially to skin, with bevel facing upwards. Medication is delivered to a depth of 2 mm by doing a retrograde injection (when withdrawing the needle). Variations: radial technique, herringbone technique, grille technique.
  • Deep injection of medications. It is often used in aesthetic medicine for reduction of cellulite and excess fat deposits in case of considerable subcutaneous fat thickness. In these cases 13mm needle is inserted fully at an angle of 45 degrees.

Variations of medication injections (scheme)